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The project management of the company Procon in Berlin prevents conflicts and damage.
We act as a partner of our clients and perform thorough analysis by an objective rate. We represent the interests of our clients according to your wishes in negotiations at all levels.

The proven PROCON method finds the application during the processing and involves concerted strategy and systematics.
We appreciate that our customers transmit us a high degree of responsibility and are always best offering services not to disappoint that trust.

PROCON - more as a consultant, but responsible project partner!

The Procon Solution Management first attempts to eliminate conflicts in negotiations. Attention should be directed first of Focus.
If it really becomes necessary, we will create for the Court solid documentation, but try your rights in mediation, arbitration and court proceedings to enforce.


Our concept: Lawyers and engineers for integrated solutions
We are proud of the Ideenreichtumg, the energy and the extraordinary experience of our team of lawyers and engineers repeatedly with high enthusiasm to solve the problems that may arise in project management work.

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