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Claimmanagement - Procon Projektconsult Berlin

Claim Management - Die Projektplanung steht an erster Stelle

Claim Management - Recovery Management

That includes claims management in accordance with DIN 69905 for assessing and monitoring changes and the economic consequences in terms of claims.
The aim of the additional claim management is in the project business, all changes made after conclusion of the contract will be recognized or may occur to clarify the agreement. Often If events occur that can significantly affect or alter the project schedule and the project.
Each project begins with a comprehensive and professional planning. Various events may occur during the various phases of the project, change this plan. So then it comes to new interpretations, interpretations of the contracts to design changes and additional services.
The performance supplement law is very extensive.
Change new technical requirements, the benefits, leading to disability, require acceleration. The number of the recovery options is almost infinite.
At this point, the work of our attorneys and engineers starts. We work strictly according to the developed by us and our proven slogan logic work systematics.

To claim management - Recovery Management include:


  • Technical clarification and extension

  • Contract Controlling / examination

  • Offer to the contractor

  • Costing in the range performance and delivery

  • Modification / extension

  • Realization / Abbrechnung


Approval by the client or cause.
It's about their money!
We test for you to claim basis, assess the calculation including the technical background of the claim.
We develop coherent arguments and develop accurate and successful negotiation strategies for you.
Together we will put through your interests.
PROCON puts your interests by consistently and defend unjustified claims from loss.

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