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Procon - About us

The risks involved in building and plant aggravate constantly. Projects are becoming more complex and risky, shorter turnaround times and budgets tighter. More and more often choose supplements on success or failure. - This requires new ways of achieving the project objectives. Are all the more important specialists who are familiar with contracts, claims and risks and address these daily challenges successfully.


PROCON - contract, claim and risk management

PROCON Project Consult International GmbH has specialized as an independent company exclusively to the task field contracts, claims and risks. The focus on this task field and our extraordinary experience allow successful and innovative solutions.


PROCON - lawyers and engineers
No other area requires as much interdisciplinary expertise as the contract, claim and risk management. Therefore, we work as a team of lawyers and engineers in order to optimally crosslink of both areas and the expertise to use with no interface losses for you. You can rely on our many years of experience and creativity as well as our competence and innovative strength.


PROCON - The new concept
Our independence and the extensive knowledge of our experienced international lawyers with many years of planning and construction experience of our engineers allow us strong decisions and the freedom to look at holistic solutions. We see ourselves not as a consultant, but as the responsible project partners in order to avoid risks in your projects, to avoid conflicts and enforce your interest.

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