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The company Procon will guide you professionally and competently by contractual matters. Contract management of the company in Berlin has decades of experience in the settlement of international and national contracts.
The core competencies of contract management are in the areas of construction - plant - and ship subcontracting.
The extensive projects which involve an enormous complexity of contracts, make a competent management required.

Contracts always regulate a large number of individual conditions. Often really creates a contract jungle where hardly anyone even reads the individual contract terms, recognize or partially understood.

We recognize the difficulties in detail. Because most of the difficulties lie in the details. We recognize, analyze and evaluate legal, commercial and technical regulations equally competent. So nothing remains hidden.


PROCON - contract management - the basis for project success!


The company Procon you created competent and reliable contract analysis, special contractual schedules and index data so that your goal is achievable and you are on the safe side. We develop with you strategies for enforcing the best interpretation of the contract. Because generally leaves every contract to interpretations.

Contract management of the company Procon in Berlin manages your contracts in all project phases. We will support a targeted manner and that from the first contract negotiations until the end of the warranty.
You can expect a competent team of attorneys and engineers, who are familiar with the law of contract.
Our contract management includes taking care of contract negotiations between two parties. It also includes the contractual changes of personnel, technical, scheduling and financial reasons.

As contract management are called up all activities that may be incurred as part of project management. Among other things, we are concerned with the development, adaptation and updating of the contracts for the project.
We take over the contract control quickly, precisely and find individual solutions for you.
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